Amateur Radio Safety Foundation, Inc.

ARSFi (ar-sif-ee)

About ARSFi

The primary purpose of the Amateur Radio Safety Foundation is to provide for the formation, training, maintenance, and testing of volunteer licensed amateur radio emergency services and networks using state of the art communications technology. These services and networks to serve the general public by facilitating emergency, health, or welfare communication in times of disaster or other communications emergencies.

 Executive Committee

Lor Kutchins (W3QA) Director, President
Rick Muething (KN6KB) Director, Secretary/Treasurer
Steve Waterman (K4CJX) Director
Lee Inman (K0QED) Director
Tom Lafleur (KA6IQA) Director
Phil Sherrod (W4PHS) Director
Ross Merlin (WA2WDT) Director
Chris Steinhardt (KD9LF) Director, Legal Counsel
All correspondence should be sent to:

  ARSFi Secretary
  6143 Anchor Lane
  Rockledge, FL 32955