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Winlink Express Registration




Registration of Winlink Express does not involve licensing. See the help article “License” in the program for information on your license to use Winlink Express. Further details about registration are provided in the help article.

Registration is voluntary and not necessary to use the program. Registration requires that you purchase a digital key to be applied to your program. Your registration key purchase supports all Amateur Radio Safety Foundation projects, the ongoing operations of the Winlink system, and the continuing development of new programs, radio modes, enhancements, and better performance. Key purchases are not considered a tax-deductible “donation” by the US IRS.

Registration keys are unique to callsigns and may not be transferred. However, if you change a registered callsign, you can request a new key at no further cost. Registration keys never expire.

The registration fee is $24 per callsign, up to 17 callsigns. Multiple callsigns may be registered by individuals or agencies in one transaction. If you require more than 17 registrations, please contact [email protected] for details and bulk pricing.

Please enter your name and one or more callsigns below (being sure to enter callsigns correctly). Then, press the "Register Using PayPal" button to be transferred to the PayPal secure web site where you can provide payment using your PayPal account or any major credit card (no PayPal account required). You will immediately be sent your registration key to the email address you provide in your transaction. Your key can also be found on your account page at for easy copy/paste into your program.

Consult the program help for details on how to apply the key to your program. Once the key is applied, registration reminders from the program will be disabled.

If you have problems obtaining your registration key send a message with your transaction ID and details to [email protected].

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