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V4 Registration

A donation to the Amateur Radio Safety Foundation helps defray costs for equipment and supplies needed to provide necessary services. No portion of your donation is used as compensation to members or directors of Amateur Radio Safety Foundation.

V4 is a sound card digital protocol optimized for keyboard operation over high frequency amateur radio. It uses 4FSK modulation and strong FEC encoding with Viterbi decoding for robustness even in weak signal or poor propagation conditions. V4 can be implemented on most computers using standard PC sound cards with radio interfaces. Additional information about V4 (and the V4 Chat program) can be found by joining the V4 Yahoo user group. The files section contains programs and documentation.

The V4 protocol was developed by Rick Muething, KN6KB.


Registration provides you license to use the V4 virtual TNC with your callsign alone or with any SSID (1-15) on multiple computers or multiple instances on the same computer. This license is not transferable and can only be used with the callsign originally used for registration. Complete license informaiton can be found in the license.txt file included with V4. Consult the documentation for your particular application for details on how to apply the V4 registration key.

Your registration helps fund further V4 development and other projects sponsored by the Amateur Radio Safety Foundation.

The registration amount for V4 is $24.

Please enter your name and callsign below (being sure to enter your callsign correctly as the registration key applies to the entered (just one) callsign only). Then, press the "Register Using PayPal" button to be transferred to the PayPal secure web site where you can make your payment using your PayPal account or any major credit card.

If you have problems obtaining your registration key send a message with your transaction details to [email protected].